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Honey Pride Arua (U) Ltd(HPA) is a Private Limited Company. It was incorporated in September 2015. The company has 100% Ugandan shareholding. Our registered Offices are located in Arua City, 1.5km off Arua-Pakwach Road. Honey Pride Arua (U) Ltd is engaged in Agri-business, specializing in Apiculture (Bee keeping) value chain.

Our Business is founded on the Concept ….”Bee keeping as a Business” and we have adopted the “Inclusive Business Model”. Most significantly, we have included the rural communities in the business model as major suppliers/providers of beehive products. These farmers provide up to 95% of our requirements. Effectively, HPA provides a reliable market to the rural bee farmers, ensuring they earn a sustainable livelihood from bee farming.

Our target group include a big number of unemployed youth who can derive a decent income from apiculture, the women, many of whom provide for their families, as well as the older persons and persons with disabilities(PWDs)who will find bee keeping less stressful.


“To be a Market leader in the sustainable production, processing and marketing of high quality beehive products in the Great Lakes Region”.

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”To provide sustainable socio-economic livelihood and environmental benefits to rural communities through promotion of apiculture”

Our core values:

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we strive as a team to work with honesty to the best of our ability ensuring we do not take advantage of our clients.

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we strive as far as we can, to account for our actions and inactions.

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Good Service delivery

we believe that our customers and other stakeholders are critical in shaping the destiny of our business and as such they deserve good service.

We believe that the above values are key tenets of a socially responsive entity.

We will therefore work hard to achieve these values.

Strategic Direction

Our strategic approach is to address the low skills and capacity challenges of the major value chain actor – i.e. the bee farmer. This approach will ensure increased production and productivity. It will also ensure that quality challenges are addressed right at the farm gate hence a sustainable business continuity.

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